Monday, 3 March 2008

iPhone, a godsend for my son!

Well my son was delighted when we gave him an iphone for his birthday. He couldn't wait to use it.

He loves African drumming and keeping fit. He's always on the phone to his mates and organising his next gig. His phone constantly rings, so annoying when your watching a movie.

Anyway, he had so many gadgets, one for listening to music, the computer for answering his emails, which he gets by the hundreds and of course his best friend, the phone.

Thank goodness for this iPhone he can do all those things with one single gadget, and in his spare time play those games that boys like.

He loves the slippy slidy screen which can get addictive when your fiddling with the iPhone. Its a really cool interface that beats the boring old scroll menus hands down. I think the best bit is by far the movies. You can practically watch what ever you want on the rather good quality screen. Its not bitty and pixilated, which you'd expect from such a small device, but actually the pictures are pretty detailed.

But as usual, most downloaded movies are really bad quality, thats because of the websites you get them from. Luckily my son managed to find this perfect site to get his media from. Its and the quality is spot on.